Based out of San Diego and an event planner for over 20-years, Maggie Hill honed her skills while working under the direction early on of one of the best event designers in the business, while assisting in the creation and deployment of high-level events for such clients as Philip Morris, Kraft, Douglas Manchester and more.


She continues to master the art of Event Theming, while keeping the integrity of chic and unique.  Having had the opportunity to work with distinguished chefs in her career, she understands the craft of designing menus, pairing wines and using these distinctive skills for event preparation.  


Maggie has the ability to be given an idea of what her client’s desired outcome is and design an event that not only houses the initial thoughts presented, but provide a stylish and personalized ‘wow’ factor, creating an unforgettable experience.


Maggie brings much experience to the table while remaining teachable – a formula she believes is the key to true success.






a lil' trivia about maggie

SIGN: Gemini (creative, communicator, bubbly)

HASHTAG:  #RunningInHeels

BUMPER STICKER: "Convertible Girl in a Hardtop World"

LOVES: Family, Hiking, Being Creative, Dancing...a lot!

MISSION STATEMENT: Making every event chic and unique through creative vision, fabulous styling and delectable desserts.

PODCAST CO-HOST: "Two Fab Femmes" - Women's  Survival Tips on thriving in this great, big world.

Available on all channels!

OTHER PASSIONS: Writing!  She is the author of  "Even Pretty Girls...POO: the pretty girl's survival guide to avoiding the uglies" and "Even Pretty Girls...PLUMP: a guide to achieving the perfect pucker". #Amazon

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